Blackall Range Visual Artists meet every week alongside beautiful Mapleton Lilyponds Park.

Our aim is that by sharing our collective skills and experiences we will develop and improve artistically.

A happy and productive group of friends, we are inspired by the rewards achieved from painting and drawing. 

We hold a series of workshops throughout the year. These take the form of demonstrations or practical workshops where well-known artists share their skills and techniques.

Blackall Range Visual Artists hold regular exhibitions throughout the year at St. Mary's Hall, on the Village Green in Montville. During 2018, exhibitions will be held on the following dates:

  • 26th December 2018 to 20th January 2019: 1 full group and 3 small group exhibitions
  • 19th April to 28th April: Easter full group exhibition
  • 10th May to 12th May: Mothers Day small group exhibition
  • 5th July to 14th July: 2 small group exhibitions
  • 28th September to 7th October: Major Full Group exhibition
  • 26th December to 19th January 2020: 1 full group exhibition and 3 small group exhibitions

For 2019, the people to contact are:

  • President: Gloria Pocock
  • Vice-president: Lois Eland
  • Secretary: Lynne Begbie
  • Treasurer: Barbara Willcocks
  • Media: Dorothy Peall